Javier Soto JS

His Proposal

His Artistic Proposal

Artistic proposal of Javier Soto JS

Javier Soto JS is a plastic artist who has found in ceramics his means of creative expression. In the research of the plastic sense of ceramics universe, the author has today two lines of creation, both oriented to the aesthetic find of a work of art.

In this sense, Javier Soto JS began his productions focused on the light-weight, mobile and framed mosaic tiles, as the basis of a creative program in which visual stimulation, color suggestions and emotional impact of composition prevail on the formal perfection of orthodox ceramic mosaic. Thus, the hadcrafted treatment as basis of artistic freedom in each piece has helped the public to discover the plastic richness of the ceramic tiles conceived as a work of art. 

During these years, Javier Soto JS has shared the cration of mosaic tiles with the handcrafted production of shapes and volumes made of enamelled clay, a creative line that he is currently developing with special attention. In this program of craftsmanship, the author maintains his commitment to the creation of works capable of entering into an emotional dialogue with the audience, beyond purely aesthetic admiration. Therefore he molds the clay and applies the enamels helped by the most elementary traditional tools. And it is in this absence of technological processes where it lies the creation of works with their own identity and individual content.

Therefore the works of Javier Soto JS do not seek the beauty of formal perfection or aesthetic purism, but the impact of a plastic message as unrepeatable as human. Hence the author's confession:

I aim to get a ceramics which looks like the human being, with his beauties and his imperfections.

His Comercial Proposal

The contemporary ceramics of exclusive creation are open to the creation of environments.

Javier Soto JS is above all an artist that knows the multiple creative possibilities of contemporary ceramics as an integral element in the global design of an exclusive space. Hence Javier Soto JS does not limit himself to create paintings in enameled tiles sought after by collectors and exhibition halls, but he also intends to be part of multidisciplinary workgroups of environment designers. That is, the artistic works of Javier Soto JS can be deemed as exclusive ones by workgroups and companies that need, for example:

The ceramic involvement in the creation of a unique bathroom.

The exclusive design of a dinnerware.

The special tile-works in the kitchen.

A custom ceramic frieze as decoration for a gallery or corridor.

Avant-garde walls in the garden.

Fantastic imagery tiles for a swimming pool.

The extraordinary corner of a town square.

The design of a contemporary and styled industrial ceramic.

On the other hand, the new communicative technologies allow the interaction between individuals and groups, so that the multidisciplinary work is a contemporary reality that opens the range of work possibilities among creative professionals, without the geographical distances as an obstacle.

Therefore, those particular lovers of decoration, interior architects, rehabilitation and reform companies, etc., that look for the artistic contribution of Javier Soto JS, do not hesitate to contact him through this website.